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InCappadocia, you can find many cave or inn hotels,especially if you visit there you should stay in Goreme,Uchisar,Avanos,Urgup.The best choice is the first.

for example above is one of the cave hotels in Goreme
You are in the Anatolian heartland of Cappadocia, a cradle of religions, where many civilisations have developed over thousands of years. A 300 year old Greek building is the original structure of our hotel which has been delicately restored using Ottoman architectural traditions. Its magnificent courtyard leads to a terrace that has spectacular views of the fairy chimneys. The indoor restaurant is beatifully decorated with its wooden ceiling, a masterpiece of Ottoman art Stone House Cave Hotel has a total of 22 rooms; 9 suite rooms, 8 original cave rooms, 6 stone vaulted rooms (each one with a jacuzzi) We would be delighted to host you for your deam holiday in Cappadocia.


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