Questions – Answers

Hot air balloon ride is one of the best  way to see all around Cappadocia.You can see all  valleys as red/rose valleys, meskendir,pigeon and love valleys  also  fly around the Goreme and watching fantastic rock shapes while flying.


Then let’s answer the questions.

When is the time to try balloon flights?

It starts  early morning 5 or 6 am. It takes 90 minutes but it can change from company to company.Hot air balloon companies will  take you from your hotel with buses and it is included in the price as transportation.

How far?

If you stay in Göreme it takes just 5 minutes to reach departure area but if you are in Urgup or Avanos it can take 15 minutes or more.

How many people can ride on this balloon tour?

It depends on  hot air balloons. Some are  for 14 18 30 people while the other little baloons are for 4 to 8 people. The less people, the more price:)

How long ?

It takes about one and half hour but cheaper tours can last less.

What about safety?

It is safer because pilots are not easily educated and balloon firms security has always been checked by government and if Civil Air does not allow to fly because of wind and air conditions no balloon can not fix a balloon tour in the region.

Price: In 2014 summer it was between 150 and 200 Euro per one.


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